Edition 2018.1 - Selected Artists

Daniele Souza
Daniele Souza_edited.png

Daniele Souza was born in 1982 in southern Mato Grosso, in the city of Três Lagoas.


Involved with universe of arts for 18 years, she has already navigated in many subjects such as: theater production, graphic design and marketing, trends and mindset, oratory, education, sculpture production, canvas painting, mural painting, drawing, among others.

Daniele is creative and focused on trending and macro trending studies. The art promotion with projects and artistic initiatives is part of her daily life.

She is currently developing her startup related to ceramics, porcelain, paintings and hand-made productions.


As a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Theology, she develops a vision focused on art, production, individual and visual communication.

She believes in art as a means of perception, autonomy, construction of the individual and society, and of expansion of existential  consciousness.

Some of her recent activities can be found below:

  • NEC (Nucleus of the Collaborative Economy of Acirp) Collective Exhibition – São José do Rio Preto, SP - September / 2017;

  • “Sonora +” Exhibition - Sesc Rio Preto - São José do Rio Preto, SP - January / 2018;

  • Exhibition of hand-made authoring production – Mercado Bueno Artes - São Paulo, SP - June / 2018;

  • Rezet (Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Marketing) – Paulo Moura Theater - São Jose do Rio Preto, SP - September / 2018;

  • Artistic Fairs and colabs through her Sutilite Design brand.

For this edition, Daniele presents:

Geneva Station:

Daniele - Perene.jpg


Acrylic, pattern and pontillism on canvas

(50 x 60)

Daniele - Piquinique no Jardim.jpg

Piquinique no jardim

Acrylic, pattern and pontillism on canvas

(50 x 60)

São José do Rio Preto Station:


Verão em cascata

Acrylic, pattern and pontillism on canvas (60 x 50)

Daniele - Contemplacao cerde.jpg

Contemplação verde

Acrylic, pattern and pontillism on canvas (60 x 50)


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