Edition 2018.1 - Selected Artists


Born in Geneva, "Jaworowska" is the name of her great-grandmother, of Polish Jewish origin. Her mother always told her that she had the passionate Slavic side and the elegance of her great-grandmother ... The artist feels the blood of her great- grandmother vibrate when she is creating her art pieces, and this is why the pseudonym was chosen as her artistic name.

Art has always been a source of admiration and hope for Jaworoska. Since her very early age, she was fascinated by the infinite beauty, diversity and creativity she contemplated in nature.

And deeply in her heart, she decided to become a creator, serving the Great Creator. She then decided to study Egyptology, Greek and the history of religions.

In a sequence, Jaworoska decided to go to Paris to immerse herself in a prestigious artistic universe.


She spent some time at the Ateliers de Sèvres and she was later graduated from the Art Advanced Studies Institute. She studied the history of artistic creation (architecture, furniture, paintings, objects of art, jewels, textiles, earthenware, tapestry) from the Egyptians to the present day...

She then decided to write a book about an artist and made new discoveries about Picasso.


Back in Geneva, Jaworoska held a master's degree in Art History and entered as the only and last student in the workshop of the great architect Daniel Grataloup, who trained her in plastic arts and interior design.


In 2016, Jaworoska opened her own studio, Casadios, in Geneva, where she currently develops four sectors (interior design, furniture design, art and fashion).


Her message is "Everyone is unique, everyone is precious, without comparison."

For this edition, Jaworowska presents:

Annemasse Station:

Jaworowska - Equilibre.jpg

L’Equilibre c’est ne pas douter. Ecoute ta petite voix intérieure. Ink on paper  (71.3 x 69.4)

Rio de Janeiro Station:

Jaworowska - La vie.jpg

La vie ne tient qu'à un fil. Mais qui le tient ?
Acrylic on wood (90 x 90)

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