Edition 2018.1 - Selected Artists

Louisa Monteiro

Born in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Louisa grew up in the Brazilian northeast, in Salvador da Bahia and then in the city of João Pessoa.
In Salvador, Africa is still very present. In fact, it was through this city that African slaves entered the Brazilian territory for four centuries. Cuisine, music and religion are strongly influenced by this African culture.
Louisa has fond memories of her childhood, linked directly to this cultural contribution, as well as all the somewhat strong colors imported from her imaginary African continent that influenced most of her paintings.

Most of her artworks are produced by applying different layers of acrylic paint and soft dough, small stones and sand.

She had her first solo exhibition in Germany in 2007 at the Einstein cultural house (Ulm Einsteinhaus) and organized group exhibitions in Switzerland, France and Germany in the following years.

In 2017 she participated in three major exhibitions :

- The first edition of Circuit Café Culture, in Rio de Janeiro and Geneva, where she was awarded the third popular jury prize in Geneva;

- Aequilibrium exhibition (Geneva, Switzerland), as part of the Multicultural Meeting event;

- Signs Of the Future Art Hall (Vaduz, Lienchtenstein).

For this edition, Louisa presents:

Geneva Station:

Louisa - Pelourinho em chamas_edited.jpg

Pelourinho em chamas

Acrylic on canvas (70 x 100)

São José do Rio Preto Station:

Une femme avec son pilon
Acrylic and sand on canvas (100 x 40)

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