Edition 2018.1 - Selected Artists

Mara Chiavegatti

Mara Chiavegatti was born in the capital of São Paulo, Brazil, in 1961 and now lives in a small town in the interior of São Paulo, Cedral, a few kilometers from the city of São José do Rio Preto where she works in her atelier and teaches classes Of painting since 1986.

Graduated in fine arts since 1983, by the Federal University of Paraná in Curitiba (Brazil), Mara has been engaged in the visual arts since then and works in the creation of contemporary artworks. Her inspiration comes from the essence and beauty of nature, its elements and energies in connection with life in the universe. She uses techniques of watercolor and acrylic and her main characteristic is expressed in the colors, sometimes soft, sometimes vibrant and the subtlety of the chosen themes.

Her current work receives inspiration from nature, books and movies, all over the universe, especially clay and ceramic art which is her passion, resulting in a simple and subtle art.

Having participated in many exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, including Florence (Italy), Paris (France), Porto (Portugal), Barcelona (Spain), Vaduz and Triesen (Liechtenstein), Mara was awarded the second popular jury prize in the first edition of Circuit Café Culture exhibition, in Geneva.

Among the many exhibitions held, the following stand out:

  • 2017 – Iguatemi Rio Preto – Live Series

  • 2018 – Iguatemi Rio Preto – Tropical Series

  • 2018 – Iguatemi Collective – Art Connection

For this edition, Mara presents:

Annemasse Station :

Mara - Passeio_edited.jpg


Acrylic on canvas (50 x 50)

Mara - Dia abencoado_edited.jpg

Dia abençoado

Acrylic on canvas (50 x 50)

Rio de Janeiro Station :

Mara - Em busca_edited_edited.jpg

Em busca

Acrylic and collage on canvas (50 x 40)

Mara - Zen.jpg


Acrylic and collage on canvas (50 x 40)

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