Edition 2018.1 - Selected Artists

Marilene Carvalho
Marilene Carvalho.png

Brazilian, Marilene was born in Campos dos Goytacazes in the State of Rio de Janeiro on February 2, 1948.

Since her childhood, encouraged by her father, she practiced drawing freehand with crayons where portraying objects and landscapes.

Holding a Bachelor degree in Portuguese and Literature, she dedicated her whole life to letters and arts.

Graduated in Solfege and Musical Theory by the Institute Villa- Lobos, since very young she ministered music classes.


Marilene is also graduated in Classical Piano from the Brazilian Conservatory of Music, dedicating herself to singing, piano and photography.

In 1996, after retiring from the magisterium, she began her career in Plastic Arts, dedicating herself entirely to painting (oil and acrylic on

canvas) and being a student of renowned teachers. Through her works, the artist portrays the poetry of life, phases lived, places visited and the most varied experiences translated into art. She seeks to portray in her artistic perception, the dance of colors, imprinted by the experienced look of life. Her exhibitions bear this consecrated perspective for more than twenty years.


Navigating through different styles (Academic, Iconographic, Expressionist, Contemporary, Abstract and Realistic), she holds many collective exhibitions and some solo exhibitions like:

  • National Meeting of Labor Tax Auditors (Vitória, Brazil), 1997;

  • "Sonho em cores" (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), 2003;

  • "Realidade em cores" (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), 2004

  • "Cores da primavera" (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), 2004;

  • "Cores da liberdade" (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), 2010;

  • "Sonhar é vive rem cores" (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), 2012;

  • "Vem surgindo a primavera" (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), 2014;

  • "Flowers, Owers, Landscapes and Abstracts" (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), 2015;

Which complements her career with the awards below:

  • Honorable Mention at the 63rd Fine Arts Hall of the Military Club (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), with the work "Geométrico (Polyptych)", 2018;

  • Special Jury Prize at the 63rd Salon of Plastic Arts of the Military Club (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), with the works "Araras" and "Aves da   Amazônia", 2018.

For this edition, Marilene presents:

Geneva Station:

Marilene - Morro do Corcovado_edited.jpg

Morro do Corcovado

Oil on canvas (60 x 90)

São José do Rio Preto Station:

Marilene - Morro do Corcovado_edited_edi

Aves da Amazonia

Oil on canvas (90 x 60)

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