Edition 2018.1 - Selected Artists

Maristela Casonatto Pastro

Born on February 21, 1963 in the city of Pato Branco (Paraná - Brazil), Maristela began her artistic career in 2010.

She produces her artworks with perfection in the city of Lucas do Rio Verde (Mato Grosso - Brazil), where she lives.

Her curriculum consists of several exhibitions and awards, including:

Awarded the third popular jury prize in the Circuit Café Culture, in the bridge Rio de Janeiro (BR) and Geneva (CH), with the work "Amsterdam", oil on canvas 50 x 50, February 2017;

In Fair 1 Exhibition in Porto (PT), May 2017;

Estella Exhibition Guide in Barcelona (ES), June 2017;

Awarded the first jury prize in the Signs Of the Future Art Hall in Vaduz (LI) with the work "Garbage" - oil on canvas 70 x 50, June 2017;

Brazilian Vision exhibition in the Gasometer Museum in Triesen (LI), June 2017;

I International Art Show held at Monmartre Art and Gallery in Teresina (BR), August 2017;

I Coloring for Madrid Art Exhibition in Madrid (ES), October 2017;

II Contemporary Art Exhibition of the Cloister in Colors in Chaves (PT), November 2017.

For this edition, Maristela presents:

Station Annemasse :

Maristela - O menino_edited.jpg

O menino

Oil on canvas (70 x 100)

Station Rio de Janeiro :

Maristela - Reflexao_edited.jpg


Oil on canvas (70 x 100)

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