Edition 2018.1 - Selected Artists

Paulo Carvalho
Paulo Carvalho.png

Brazilian, born in the City of Rio de Janeiro on 22nd July 1949, Paulo was passionate by drawing geometric shapes since very young.

As Bachelor in Economics and Licentiate in Mathematics, Physics, Geometric Design and Statistics, he worked for 28 years as a university and high school teacher, having for several years participated in the management of several schools.


For two years he had the great experience of living in the city of Basrah (Iraq) where he set up a school for children of Brazilians, being then an employee of Braspetro Petrobrás Internacional S / A.

He enjoys music and participated in several corals while playing cello. In his trips, he visited a large number of countries studying the most diverse cultures and had the opportunity to appreciate beautiful landscapes.

Encouraged by his wife, the plastic artist Marilene Carvalho (also exhibiting in this edition of Circuit Café Culture), he began his path in the plastic arts.

With geometric format and linear contours, he usually uses vibrant colors, bringing life to the strength and joy existing therein and,
somehow, making the world more magic and balanced.

Main exhibitions:

63 ° Plastic Arts Hall of the Military Club (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), 2018, with the works "Geometric II" and "Geometric III".

For this edition, Paulo presents:

Geneva Station:

Paulo - Poligonos 2.png

Acrylic on canvas (50 x 100)

São José do Rio Preto Station:

Paulo - Figuras em Equilibrio 2.png

Figuras em equilíbrio
Acrylic on canvas (100 x 100)

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