Edition 2018.1 - Selected Artists

Regiane Martinez
Regiane Martinez.png

Regiane Martinez, was born in São Paulo, where she works and lives.

Graduated in pedagogy, she never practiced the profession.


She had expressed her interest and artistic abilities since childhood. Over the years, she has taken several courses related to art, which brought her some intimacy with the paints and brushes, until finally she came across the canvases.


Her inspiration starts with colors. Her work is abstract and contemporary and she has a preference for the oil paint.

When she paints, she feel the freedom of doing what she wants. It’s a special moment between her and the canvas, where this freedom becomes synonymous with happiness.

She seeks to produce feelings with her art, preferably, bringing positivity and harmony.

At the beginning of her career as a plastic artist, her work "Fauna e Flora Brasileira" was a finalist of the Art Today Reflection Contest, held by the World Trade Center São Paulo and D & D Shopping, which aims to boost art and give more visibility to Brazilian artists.


Recent exhibitions and publications:

  • ExpoArt exhibition (São Paulo, Brazil), with democratization and expansion of artistic expression beyond galleries and museums.

  • Made Art and Design Fair, Ibirapuera Biennial (São Paulo, Brazil), 2018

  • Design Weekend with the Inn Art Gallery, (São Paulo, Brazil), 2018.

  • Happy Art Parade (Sao Paulo, Brazil), 2018.

  • Cover of the Chilean magazine “Interciencia”, with the work “Desires”.

  • Permanent exhibition in the Decoration and Design space of Casa Portoro, in partnership with Andreus Gallery (São Paulo, Brazil).

  • SP Inspira Art Exhibition, with Artlab Gallery (São Paulo, Brazil).

  • Curently she is represented by Artlab Gallery and Andreus Gallery.

For this edition, Regiane presents:

Geneva Station:

Regiane - Coragem.jpg

Oil on canvas (70 x 70)

São José do Rio Preto Station:

Regiane - Araras.jpg

Oil on canvas (90 x 90)

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