Edition 2018.1 - Selected Artists

Sandra Antunes
Sandra Antunes.png

Born in 1969 in Santo André (São Paulo, Brazil), Sandra started developing her artistic perspective at the age of six, drawing while everyone in her classroom did the school activities.


She used to spend many hours with her infinity colored pencils and markers.

Growing up involved in many handicraft courses, the artist always stood out for her artistic ability at school.

At the age of sixteen, she began her professional career as a designer in a label printing company, always conciliating with other artistic activities (painting, watercolor, drawing, etc.) and studies.

She is graduated in Pedagogy and Bachelor of Arts, and is postgraduate in Inclusive Education and Art-Education.

Sandra kept on making drawings for friends of the magisterium, a career she chose based on her love for children and on the playful activities involving this child universe.

The artist has participated in several national and international exhibitions, among those, we can highlight:

  • Carrousel du Louvre (Paris, France), 2016, with 2 artworks;

  • Tribute to Gustav Klint (Vienna, Austria), 2017;

  • Brazilian Art Hall (Vaduz, Liechtenstein), 2018;

  • Carrousel Du Louvre, (Paris, France), 2018;

For this edition, Sandra presents:

Geneva Station:

Acrylic on canvas (60 x 90)

São José do Rio Preto Station:

Dueto Instrumental
Acrylic on canvas (90 x 90)

Sandra - Compasso_edited.jpg
Sandra - Dueto_edited.jpg

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