Edition 2018.1 - Selected Artists

Fourteen artists were carefully selected by our team. Take a look in each one of them and their proposals for this edition.

Anoushe Duarte
Daniele Souza
Daniele Souza_edited.png
Danila Pinheiro
Danila Pinheiro.png
Louisa Monteiro
Manolis Pentes
Manolis Pentes - compressed.png
Mara Chiavegatti
Mara Chiavegatti.png
Marilene Carvalho
Marilene Carvalho.png
Maristela Casonatto Pastro
Patricia de Souza Santos
Patricia de Souza Santos.png
Paulo Carvalho
Paulo Carvalho.png
Regiane Martinez
Regiane Martinez.png
Sandra Antunes
Sandra Antunes.png

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