Edition 2017.1 - Selected Artists

Brazilian, born in Salvador, Bahia, Carmen is an Architect and a Jungian Art Therapist. However, it's as a Visual Artist, that she expresses her passion for nature, the beauty of her land and especially for the knowledge of the human soul, when she puts her gaze on the feminine universe and its aesthetic possibilities. And she does so by putting herself always in the subtle poetic line installed between reality and fantasy. Creating and recording on canvas and panels her research, she develops the Figurative Contemporary, which is an authorial style, with vibrant colors and precise, organic and sinuous strokes.

A luminous universe, strong colored, where the image, the figure, is also placed as an expression of importance in visual art.

Carmen Freaza

She explains: "Born in Slavador, a city full of shades, marked by a sun that almost never leaves the scene, I feel naturally impregnated by these images, by these roots, by this land that gave me ruler, compass and brush…"

But her gaze in conducting beauty and harmony had other influences, such as when she was deeply touched by the works created by her great-uncle, Edmond Roustan, her mother's uncle, an impressionist painter from a Franco-Lebanese family. Hes father, Spanish, influenced her by bringing home an environment predominated by art, music and gastronomy from the Northern part of the Iberian Country.


With so many roots, her work impregnated with Brazilianism, with tropical modeling and coloring, also fits into the context of universality.

Always linked to conceptual and research, she shares her knowledge by teaching creativity and art classes.

Since 1982 she has been traveling on a journey that includes art fairs, solo and group exhibitions in Bahia and in many other Brazilian states.

Outside her country she has already exhibited in Florence (Italy), in Paris in (France), and will be in a group exhibition in May in the city of Porto (Portugal).

Her atelier is located in Salvador, Bahia, where she produces her artworks and remains in permanent exhibition.

For the 2017.1 edition of the Circuit Café-Culture, Carmen presents:

Geneva Station:

"Fronteira 1".

Acrylic on canvas (50 x 50)

"Fronteira 2".

Acrylic on canvas (50 x 50)

Rio de Janeiro Station:

"Ser, nascer"

Acrylic on canvas (50 x 70)

Rio de Janeiro Station:

"E Renascer"

Acrylic on canvas (50 x 70)

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