Edition 2017.1 - Selected Artists

Brazilian, from the city of Paulo Afonso, Bahia, where she spent all her childhood, Nio developed an interest and taste for the creative universe, drawing, painting, since the age of ten. At that time, she was already selected to participate in several junior exhibitions. Later on she continued to develop her artistic vein, dedicating herself to the creation of book covers, among which:

- "Documentação Jurídica Sobre O Negro No Brasil - 1800/1888"
- "Da Cor Do Sangue".


She dedicated her time to work on exclusive creations to be printed on fabrics.

Nio Oliveirah

With a degree in Arts Education with qualification in Visual Arts and Bachelor of Laws, she got to work as a lawyer for some time. However, her love for the Fine Arts spoke louder, and today she is dedicating her time totally to the creation and exhibition of her artworks.

As a complement to her artistic research, Nio is studying Creative Process. Using the canvas as a medium, she works with acrylic paint and has a strong message and personal style, predominating fishes and the entire marine world.
Her works have an intense color, that navigate through the surrealist style within a contemporary vision.

With an awakened soul, her biggest concern today is the balance of the ecosystem and the preservation of marine flora and fauna. Having already participated in some group events, she will attend to a solo exhibition in May in São Paulo, Brazil, and a group one in the same month, in the city of Porto, Portugal.


Her artworks can be found in her atelier, in the city of Salvador, in Bahia, where she dedicates to the production of them.

For the 2017.1 edition of the Circuit Café-Culture, Nio presents:

Geneva Station:

"Peixes em Movimento I".

Acrylic on canvas (50 x 60)

Rio de Janeiro Station:


Acrylic on canvas (80 x 90)

Rio de Janeiro Station:

"Peixes Encantados".

Acrylic on canvas (50 x 70)

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