Edition 2017.1 - Selected Artists

Born on March 24, 1956 in the city of Santa Luz (Bahia-Brazil), Dema began his career in 1987. He was graduated in Drawing and Visual Arts at the Federal University of Bahia - UFBA.

His painting is based on the observations of his daily life and on the sleeping memories that populated his childhood. His design, always figurative, is all in geometric format with linear finish or sheaths. The textures are clean and velvety in temperate colors that emerge from the skillful handling of the brushes and the creative sensitivity of fantasizing an unreal world of colors and lines connected by all spaces with a magical force capable of seducing the viewer at first sight.

Dema Reis

Dema has participated in 18 collective exhibitions, 4 solo, 1 Biennial and has made some books illustrations. His artworks can be found in many cities of Brazil, most of them in the city of Salvador. He also has artworks in Germany, Holland, United States and Canada.

Recent exhibitions:

September / 2016: Exhibition "From Rio With Love", Alternative Art Space Gallery, Boston (USA);
December / 2016: Exhibition "22 + 1 Rio", Anjos Gallery, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Scheduled exhibitions:

January / 2017: Exhibition "Art 462", Cultural Space Shopping Iguatemi Alphaville, São Paulo (Brazil);
May / 2017: Porto, Portugal;
June / 2017: II Brazilian Salon of art, Vaduz (Liechtenstein);
June / 2017: New York (USA);
July / 2017: Cascais (Portugal);

For the 2017.1 edition of the Circuit Café-Culture, Dema presents:

Geneva Station:

"Estímulos da memória" (stimuli of memory) – Acrylic on canvas (50 x 70 cm), depicting the head of a thinky androgynous, programmed to the new stimuli of memory that are drawn with the technological advance.

Rio de Janeiro Station:

"Conexão de ciclistas" (Connection of cyclists) – Acrylic on canvas (50 x 70 cm) depicting the bicycle as synonymous of social and environmental responsibility and physical exercise. One of the pillars of sustainability that contributes to the improvement of the planet.

Rio de Janeiro Station:

"Pescador do Silêncio das Cores" (Fisherman of the Silence of Colors) – Acrylic on canvas (50 x 70), representing the fishing of a painter who looks for shapes and colors, with brushes in a lake of paints born in the tangles of lines and the connection of silence.

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