Edition 2017.1 - Selected Cultural Cafes

Located in the trendy Plainpalais neighbourhood, next to Carouge, the Bookstore Cafe Les Recyclables offers good food and intense cultural activity in a charming and funky atmosphere.

The bookstore, embracing the concepts of sustainability, offers a wide range of second-hand books of different subjects.

Wrapped in a picturesque decoration that includes everything from light fixtures in reverse, stamping comic books, to handmade themed decorations under the natural light of the windows, Café Les Recyclables was our selection for this February 2017 edition.

Geneva Station
Café Librairie Les Recyclables
Rue de Carouge 53, 1205
Brasserie Caffè Olé
Rua do Teatro, 3 - Centro
Rio de Janeiro Station

Hosted in the historical neighborhood of Largo de São Francisco, in those old buildings with double ceiling height, typical from the center of Rio, the Olé cafe stands out for the excellent cuisine and its decoration that mixes modernism with classic elements of oriental design.

The menu is signed by the chef and owner Mike Schadrack, a German who runs the place with Spanish Pedro Aranda.

Immersed in a stronghold of cultural activities, the cafe offers fresh pasta, salads, tapas and good sandwiches. The coffee with dulce de leche and tiramisu are in the list of the favorite ones of the public.

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