With artists and cultural cafés already selected, we started the countdown to our circuit. Assembling the media, preparing the catalogs, studying the layout of the artworks, the prototype of the sketches ... everything is being done with great fondness in order to guarantee the success of our event. And as we walk towards February, we come up against various artists and opinion formers who were charmed by the idea of ​​a movement aimed at promoting pro-life art together with the demystification of showcase art. Yes, who said that the perfect place for artworks is in galleries and museums? And who said that only jurors and magistrates know how to think and appreciate a good art? Contemporary art touches the instincts, often those with whom we are born and we learn nowhere. Sometimes it moves the each one's story... and why not to say each one's humor, just as when we utter completely antagonistic opinions about the same artwork seen at different times ... Yes, because we are different and unique; And we have a pulsating heart, a vibrating soul and a contagious spirit. We want to involve you, whet your curiosity and know what you think. See you in February / 2017, in Rio or in Geneva.

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