Opening the polls

Our event has come to an end and it is time to open the polls.

It was a fierce contest, since there was not one artwork that did not receive votes.

It shows that the selected artists form a very eclectic team, pleasing to all styles.

Check below the result.

Awarded artist, with the majority of the votes in the 2 stations:


Born in 1977 in São José do Rio Preto (São Paulo, Brazil), Danila began to scribble the first traits at the age of 7, where her mother let her freely draw in all kinds of support, even on the walls of the house where she lived.

She attended several studios in the city during her childhood and adolescence, leaving no doubt about which career she would pursue. She then began the course of Arts and Artistic Education at the University of Rio Preto (UNIRP) at the age of 17 in 1996..

After a year of studying, she set up her atelier to help with her studies and did not stop teaching painting, watercolor and drawing courses since then.

During this journey in the visual arts Danila participated in several exhibitions, projects and creations of the most different forms and ways, giving courses and workshops.

She has 5 handicraft magazines published in Brazil, Chile and Portugal, and two participations in national TV programs, through the Acrilex paints company, from which she has the support to disseminate her work.

Today she owns a multicolored style. Even though she works with diverse types of paintings, she prefers the acrylics, which allow greater textures and a color reassembly work.

During the wide participation in salons, exhibitions and art competitions all over Brazil, Danila has an Honorable Mention at the Summer Salon of São Paulo city in 2009, important exhibitions at Sesc, Sesi, and Fiesp, considered are important organizations that support and promote art and culture in the country.

In 2016 she began an international career through an exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre (Paris), where she already sold two works for local collectors, and which provided her several invitations to other international exhibitions.

Awarded artworks - Rio Station:

1st place, with 22% of the votes:

"Momento de Paz" from Danila Pinheiro

Acrylic on canvas (70cm x 70cm)

2nd place, with 14% of the votes:

"Conexão de Ciclistas" from Dema Reis

Acrylic on canvas (50cm x 70cm)

3rd place, with 12.7% of the votes:

"Amsterdam" from Maristela Casonatto Pastro

Oil on canvas (50cm x 50cm)

Awarded artworks - Geneva Station:

1st place, with 15.9% of the votes:

"Piranhas" from Anoushe Duarte

Acrylic on canvas (30cm x 90cm)

2nd place, with 14.3% of the votes:

"Sublime" from Mara Chiavegatti

Acrylic on canvas (50cm x 50cm)

3rd place, with 12.7% of the votes:

"Mon Petit Bresil" from Louisa Monteiro

Acrylic on canvas (50cm x 50cm)

We congratulate all participating artists, who are clearly gifted with a unique talent!

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