The winners...

And it has come the long awaited moment ... Viewers from everywhere in the world have made their choices and we want to share it with you! Although we only had trophies for the 1st place, it is worth remembering that all, absolutely all the works received votes (and there were not few) ... which confirms that our curator team made the right selection! :)

Anemasse Station:

1th place : “Reflection X” by Manolis Pentes

2nd place : Naïf Composition “Cultura Brasileira” by Anoushe Duarte

3rd place : “Lins do meu Refúgio” by Milleanne

Rio de Janeiro Station:

1st Place : “Reflexão” by Maristela Casonatto Pastro

2nd Place : “Utopia XL” by Manolis Pentes

3rd Place : “Zen” by Mara Chiavegatti

Genebra Station:

1st Place : “Compasso” by Sandra Antunes

2nd Place : “Perene” by Daniele Souza

3rd Place : “Morro do Corcovado” by Marilene Carvalho

São José do Rio Preto Station:

1st Place : “Aves da Amazonia” by Marilene Carvalho

2nd Place : “Araras” by Regiane Martinez

3rd Place : “Une femme avec son pilon” by Louisa Monteiro

Portal - Online Voting:

1st Place : “Coragem” by Regiane Martinez

2nd Place : “India Yanomami com flor amarela” by Patricia Souza Santos

3rd Place : “Bela Vista” by Anoushe Duarte

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